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ÖMS FEZA has been operating in the Tourism, Translation and Real Estate Consultancy sector since 1997. Leading their Travel and Tourism avaliabilites with a trust-oriented and customer satisfaction first approach, we are proud to assist you with your needs.


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Smile, you are in Bursa!

Bursa -


Capital of Tourism!

Antalya -


The Land of your Dreams!

Cappadocia -

Monks Valley

Cotten Castle!

Pamukkale -

River Menderes valley

Swimming in the Clouds!

Rize -

Kackar Mountains

Everywhere is Trabzon for Us!

Trabzon -


Bridge Together!

Istanbul -


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Discover the beauty of Türkiye! Our top destinations offer unparalleled experiences, from vibrant cityscapes to tranquil retreats. Choose us for seamless travel and unforgettable adventures.

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Customer Satisfaciton

Your satisfaction is our top priority. From the moment you book with us to your return home, we ensure every aspect of your journey exceeds expectations

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Discover Boundless Adventures with Our Trusted Services! We guarantee seamless experience, from booking to touchdown, ensuring your needs are met with unparalleled satisfaction.

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Health Tourism

Looking for Health Care in Türkiye?

Looking to get Health Care in Turkey? Turkey is a premier destination, blending top-notch medical care with cultural experiance. Renowned for its affordability and quality, Turkey offers a range of treatments from cosmetic surgery to advanced procedures. Wich Feza, we will help you through your journey, offering optional post-procedure stay bookings for your well needed healing process, ensuring a stress free and relaxing visit. Welcome to Turkey, where health meets hospitality.

Check out Our Health Toursim section below.

Health Tourism